At JBM, we operate in an environment of honesty and integrity. We believe that
providing high-quality, sound solutions to our clients will in turn create long-term continuing relationships that will give us the competitive edge in the custom software arena.
JBM was founded on the premise that custom software development should be available and affordable to agencies using the ARMMS application and to agencies desiring to migrate to ARMMS.
.Net applications
In addition to our extensive knowledge of the ARMMS application, our staff members have been developing web applications in the .Net environment for the past two years.
Software for the Law Enforcement Community

The JBM Group offers a competitive option for ARMMS installation, development, support and maintenance.
JBM is composed of IT professionals who have been involved with the ARMMS application since it's inception. We feel this unqiuely qualifies our staff to handle your ARMMS support needs.

On-site Demos Available

ARMMS is a comprehensive law-enforcement records management system developed by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office through a COPS MORE 96 grant. It is in the public domain, and is available at no cost to any law enforcement agency. JPSO has used the ARMMS system exclusively for their law enforcement records management needs since January 2000 and have continued to enhance and develop the system since that time.

ARMMS Support
The JBM Group offers excellent rates on support contracts for agencies that require on-going ARMMS support.

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